TRESCON is a professional specialized company for building, rehabilitation and maintenance of constructions in such industries as:

  • infrastructure - concrete bridges, steel bridges, suspension bridges, wooden bridges
  • construction – industrial, public and private buildings, parking garages, piers, quays
  • chemical & petrochemical – tanks, ships
  • energy – power plants

Company can provide an extensive qualified portfolio for customers:

  • wide range of services for concrete - new, rehabilitation or maintenance
  • surface treatment / sandblasting
  • thermal spray / metallization
  • anti-corrosion protective coating services
  • coating and lining of tanks, polyurea
  • fireproofing of steel structures
  • carpentry & timber works
  • sky climbers / work-at-height

TRESCON have tremendous experience and committed professional employees which holds FROSIO Level III certificate, Engineer in construction, U1 Practical Concrete Technology certificate, R – Concrete Rehabilitation, UPK3, RPK2, RPK3 and Works on Roads certificates No.1 and No.2.

Our SHA and quality manuals as well as internal control systems are in accordance with current regulatory requirements. TRESCON has NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 and NS-EN ISO 14001:2015 certificates and is qualified supplier in Achilles for TransQ, Utilities NCE and JQS.

We are continuously working on improving our employee qualifications, incorporating updated technology into our daily activities and implementing modern business management practices.